AMG Square Enterprises’ provide a photograph (product image), brief description and specifications on its portal with each product. These details are based on, as provided by the manufacturer / vendor. All attempts are made to provide these informations to be as accurate as possible. Though all efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the content on its portal, the same should not been quoted as a statement of law or used for any legal purpose. ‘AMG Square does not take any responsibility for any error in its description, specification, price, color or its design.

‘AMG Square Enterprises’ recommends a product based on the market survey, experience of its team and feedback of its customers. Before making a purchase, you should verify the authenticity of all informations at your own.

‘AMG Square Enterprises’ also does not allow any third party to use this portal, directly or indirectly and to advertise or sell its product.

Color Variation:

Due to various types of lightings and flash used while taking photographs, the color shade of the product may vary and it may be different from how they appear on your screen. Color may also vary because of your monitor resolution. We always try to provide you the product, what exactly shown in the image but color may slightly change because of manual dyeing process.